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Annex II (apophenia) (2010)

Annex II (apophenia) is an audio work, presented on an i-pod with headphones, and originally streamed on the internet. An 'apophenic object' inhabits the i-pod screen that foregrounds a strobe light. The strobe is set at a speed that plays against the 'refresh-rate' of the eye. A series of voices resonate questions and answers, or, the same voice that ventriloquises itself. The script is taken from a dialogue engaged under hypnosis, and is in part a recall of photographs that had been developed prior to the hypnosis session. The two intersect. The voice remembers the images, and the reading points to a condition of apophenia, “the experience of seeing patterns or connections in random data.”


Annex II (apophenia) (2010) was presented at The Nunnery, Bow Arts Trust; at Wayward Gallery, Vyner Street, 2010. Images: 'apophenic object' photograph.