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Apex [2014]

3 min 17 sec, HD video, colour, silent.

Apex was commissioned by Tintype Gallery as one of eight silent films responding to the Essex Road, on which the gallery is also located. Apex shows a photographic image in development; in a dark-room a single 35mm negative is enlarged and printed. The image is the culmination of a number of 35mm stills displayed across a single plane. It is a kind of hieroglyph, or the pinnacle of a pyramid, from which the Essex Road might be read. The work looks to motifs found within the 1930s Egyptian revival architecture of the Carlton Cinema, and draws in other sites such as a funeral directors’ ‘Embalming’ window, and a dispensing-pharmacy that offers photographic film-processing services.

Review from 'this is tomorrow' can be read here.

As part of the research and production processes, were a series working methods and images shared with Anna Lucas. The two films intersected, whilst simultaneously operating as discrete works.

Images 1 - 2, film stills. Images 3 - 4, installation views, Tintype Gallery, London, 2015. Commissioned by Tintype Gallery as part of __ESSEX ROAD__, eight silent films by eight artists. The works were screened in the gallery window from dusk every evening between December 2014 to January 2015. The project was supported by Arts Council England and Islington Council.