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Becoming the blind spot (2010)

Becoming the blind spot is a performance in which a figure presents a television test-card, animated on an ipod screen to become a spot on the retina. There is a double-broadcast: The first, listened to by the performer through earpieces; the second, the translation into a series of spoken questions, the voice acts as a speaker for the ipod and is distorted through a small speaker attached to the throat. It considers the trance state as blind spot and site of action. The test-card becomes a sort of holding page or voided space, a way to test a response.


Becoming the blind spot (2010) was presented as part of the CCW Salon, Flat Time House, London; and for Lucky PDF broadcasts during Upset the Rhythm __Yes Way__festival and This is Autoitalia LIVE programme of televised work, Autoitalia, London 2010. Images: video stills and performance documentation, Autoitalia, London, 2010.