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Work often takes form through moving image, stills and texts presented as events, performances and installations; amongst other things, exploring the trance state as a site of production, drawing on the register of the pre-emptive voice and role of the script. Research stems from a physical 'participation' in the content of enquiry – attending hypnosis sessions to record the spoken script as basis for a screenplay, or working with a Mah Jong group to become game-players in a fiction – conflating the sites of encounter and production so that the two become bound together. It is an approach to making that behaves like a series of Russian dolls, fitting inside one another, a body of interlinked bearers of information.

Collaborative projects include CATALOG with Joyce Cronin, and The earth is not at rest with Sol Archer.



F S / @_francesscott

Images: THE MIRACLE METHODS SERIES: A Luminous Reader (2011), research image, and A + X + M (2010), video still